Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Blog4Peace Supports International Day of Peace Sept 21, 2016

Every year on Sept 21st the world recognizes the Peace One Day initiative founded by Jeremy Gilley in 1999. The non-profit organization is sanctioned and institutionalized by the United Nations. We wholeheartedly endorse and support their efforts as we begin to imagine not just one day of non-violence, but a way of life for the entire planet each and every day.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2001 ~ Never Forget

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the horror of 911 in the United States. Let us honor those lost, remember those who serve and protect, and pray for peace....for our nation and for the world. These are a few of the wonderful peace globes submitted to commemorate this date. Take the two templates below and create your own 911 peace globe. Fly it on your blog or social media page.

Here are some of the globes flown from around the world.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Announcing Blog4Peace NOV 4, 2016 ~ Walk The Change. Do What It Takes

Before I tell you about our theme this year, here are a few links for easy access: Go to Blog4Peace   How To Get Your Peace Globe.  Peace Globe Templates to create your own peace globe.  Our Facebook page. It's easy.  I hope you will join us NOV 4th!
 Now here's our announcement.

Welcome to the 2016 launch of Blog4Peace aka BlogBlast For Peace! It began in the fall of 2006, with THIS simple post. I wasn't sure how things would turn out, nor did I imagine that ten years later there would be thousands of peace bloggers still eager to blog for peace. But that's just what happened. 

I am no longer amazed at the involvement of this project from people on every continent and in 214 countries/territories; I am strengthened. People not only want change now, they are willing to be change.  Mahatma Gandhi coined the famous expression that we see on walls and statues and plaques around the world "Be The Change". I've thought about how I feel when I see that quote. My next question is always how?  How can I be change? Peace globes and the deciding factors that go into what my theme is going to be, is always a very personal decision.  I have to experience it myself and let it settle in me before I ask other people to do it. That has been true every year, none more than last year when we centered on the subject of love and how the process of forgiveness changes us. I walked through some things that helped me heal and grow. So did many of you. Thank you for sharing your #30DaysofLove posts all over social media.  You made a dent in the stagnant status quo. 

This year our theme is about actually making the change. Not just changing ourselves on the inside, although that must happen first, but more about doing what it takes.
The more I watch what is happening in our world, with politics, planetary shifts,  power transitions, and constant warring factions, the more I realize that no one single person, entity, or organization has the power to change anything.
Our elected officials are not going to do it for us. Your talking-head candidates never walk what they talk. But it's not all their fault. We've given a few people too much power and gotten lazy about challenging the status quo, making sure our voices are heard, and showing up.
Walk The Change.
Do What It Takes.

The world doesn't change by itself. We have to change it from dark

to light 

Peace bloggers are good at making a lot of noise on November 4th. There's no better reason to raise a ruckus than for the cause of peace in the world. But we have to do more. And I've realized that this particular movement is uniquely ours for the very reason that we're NOT physically together.  We're not standing collectively on a street corner holding signs (although protest is good!) and we're not in a building around a mahogany table passing treaties around with ideas and endless compromises. We're all spread out from Africa to India, San Francisco to New Orleans, New Zealand to Argentina.  

And there's not one of us more important to the change that happens when people unite with powerful words than the other one. 
Which means this: WhereEVER you are in the world, your change, your contribution, your words, your is rooted in the communities where you serve. Your contributions, your peace efforts, your selfless giving and sacrificing is done in your own neighborhoods. Whatever you choose to do to walk that change is done right where you live. Think about an infiltration of good sneaking into towns and villages in the middle of the night, stealing conflict away, smashing despair with a kind deed, soothing brokenness with words of comfort and acts of love. That's the only way to change the world. 
We have to change it ourselves by walking it out. 

So do this on Nov 4. 

Write your wonderful peace posts. Slay us with those powerful words. Create your beautiful peace globes and send them in to me. Show up at town meetings. Write letters and call your Congressmen. Tell them your personal stories.  Then call again. And again. Leave a bag of groceries on someone's doorstep. If you don't have $50 to spend for that family, leave $10 worth. You'd be surprised how many people need $10 worth of groceries. Offer a ride to the doctor for an elderly person. Anonymously pay for a kid's school lunch. Or take them back-to-school clothes shopping.  Take pies and cakes and cards to your local police station or fire department. When you pass by a road crew working in 100 degree heat, make a detour to your local convenience store and return with a few bottles of cold water. Say THANK YOU to our veterans, not just in blog posts but privately and personally. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Visit your local school and ask to mentor a student who needs help with reading. Set up a book sharing stand in your neighborhood. And don't just visit the sick with promises of good thoughts and prayers (although I believe in the power of prayer!) take them a pie, clean their house, take out their trash, help them navigate complicated paperwork, go to the pharmacy for them.  The list is endless. 
You don't have to be a millionaire to change your world. 

Be an advocate for what affects all of us by attending policy-making meetings in your local government. Vote OUT the greedy. Vote IN people with some common sense for the common good. If you don't want coal ash in your ground water or poison in your lakes, challenge those whose hands reach into the money pockets. Speak up and often. Don't ask your city leaders what they can do about the homeless people in your town. Do something yourself. Collaborate. Investigate the issues. Find a solution.
Created by Michelle Frost, Scotland.
Free to use

I see people going through great difficulties right now - financial worries, health scares, violence in the streets, family struggles. Don't you?

Advocate for the mentally ill, the depressed, the anxiety-ridden, the emotionally hurting.. The grieving. They are overlooked and wondering where humanity is. Please show up. It isn't about rights it's about reality.  No one believes you're non-prejudicial if you give lip service to personal pain. Stop judging and start helping. VOTE and knock down some policies.  I don't have to agree with your politics or your choices to respect your life story, your history, your humanity.  
Life people up instead of tearing them down.

How does this make peace, Mimi?
Because peace is the enemy of indifference. It is the absence of conflict and the antithesis of strife. When people are worried about how to survive, when people feel helpless and alone and under-represented, when people are the recipients of injustice or the victims of violence, when people are anxious about health and safety in their own cul-de-sacs they become discouraged and sick, desperate and angry, hopeless and bitter.  Then you're dealing with an entirely new set of angry problems.

 You simply can't have peace in families when there's no food on the table. You can't have peace in your communities as long as one person sleeps under a blanket in a cardboard box and another ascends the stairs of a three-story mansion in the same city.  We know that love and kindness builds relationships. It also builds a city, a town, a community, a world. 

Start with this question: Am I my brother's keeper or am I not? If you can say you're not responsible for other people's misfortune then you need to go back into the mirror and remember a time when you were sleeping in the cardboard. We've all been there in one way or another.  Don't wait for someone else - especially politicians - to do it for you.
That's not how the world is going to change.
blank template to use

 For ten years we've faithfully blogged for peace. I've met the most brilliant group of individuals on the planet within the pages of blogs. Your ideas, your passions, your gifts are extraordinary. And you became peace bloggers because you care about the world.  Because you know we need to take care of each other. You already know this! I am telling you nothing new.

This year I challenge you to.....
Do what you can do. Walk the Change. Do what it takes.
It will be enough if we all do it together.

Thank you for continuing this trip with me.
If words are powerful...this matters.
One voice. One subject. One day.
November 4

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Peace Globe #10,354 ~ Nanna Aldrich Murakami

Honolulu, Hawaii
Facebook Entries

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Peace Globe #10,353 ~ Nanna Aldrich Murakami

Honolulu, Hawaii
Facebook Entries

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peace Globe #10,352 ~ Michael J. Golch

Cleveland, Ohio

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Peace Globe #10,352 ~ Nanna Aldrich Murakami

Facebook Entries
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Peace Globe #10,351 ~ Judith Flanagan Ifaa

Unknown Location
Facebook Entry

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Peace Globe #10,350 ~ Claudia Hall Christian

Denver, Colorado
Author of the acclaimed Alex the Fey thriller series

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Peace Globe #10,349 ~ The Journeys of Cactus Jack Splash and Friends

Syndi Duehn
Grandview, Washington

"Sir Darby is featured on our Peace Globe this year. He is worried that there is not enough people concerned about living peacefully. Now I find that funny considering he won't share his pasture with another horse.....but then again he never learned to do that. He is a model of peace and understanding everywhere else though." 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Peace Globe #10,348 ~ Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

New York
Texas writes, "This is our first time pawticipating in this event and we wanted to do something special. Of course, us kitties know the secret to peace and happiness (and many other things, some we will not share!). So I wanted to share part of this secret with you. How Kitshka and I find peace. Are you ready?"
Visit their site for an array of wonderful pictures demonstrating just how easy it is to live (and purr) in peace. From the Kitties' perspective!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Peace Globe #10,347 ~ Driller's Place

Bentonville, Arkansas

 "Peace is a matter of the heart. When the heart and soul are at peace, the person is at peace and as someone has said, "What consumes your mind will control your life." This planet is being consumed by hearts filled with bitterness, hate, prejudice and greed. Those who believe that forcing their will on others through war and terror will bring peace and make this planet a better place are sadly mistaken. Their hearts will never be truly satisfied. There will always be one more thing to conquer and still, satisfaction will not come. Again, it has been said, "The only One who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it."

Peace Globe #10,346 ~ Bindhi@ Beautiful World


 Bindhi equates peace and joy with the beautiful faces of her children. So do we.

Peace Globe #10,345 ~ Sunshine Sunshine Bing Yap

Davao City, Philippines

Peace Globe #10,344 ~ Through The Eyes of Tweedles
GeorgieTwee aka Tweedles
Peace globe designed by peace blogger Dawn Drover from Newfoundland
 Molalla, Oregon
Tweedles writes.... Isn't Peace and Love all that really matters?

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Peace Globe #10,343 ~ Cat Wisdom 101
Westchester, New York

Every year we join blog 4 peace  with our fellow bloggers worldwide. We’re all different but we share our intention for a more peaceful world more one thought and action at a time.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Peace Globe #10,342 ~ Kely With One L....Life With a Lovely Lady Cat

Virginia, United States of America
We know in our hearts that Peace is Possible 
We want our voice to be heard around the world!

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peace Globe #10,341 ~ Shannon's Moments of Introspection
 Peace can be obtained through love, kindness, understanding and forgiveness.
Peace will not happen overnight but it can be obtained.  

The world needs more peace and that peace starts with you and me.
Words matter.  Peace matters. Together we can make a difference.

Bangor, Wisconsin
Original Peace Blogger
Member of The Peace Globe Worker Bees
Shannon wrote a post each day for 30 days on the subject of love and gratitude - The #30 Days of Love Challenge. Those months turned out to be the prelude to one of the most difficult times in her life....the loss of her precious son, Colt. She has inspired me over and over with her dedication to self-awareness, faithfulness, self-discovery, her giving spirit, the insights she brings to the page... and the sweetness and strength I see in her. Shannon is not only a peace blogger, she is my friend. I am proud to know her. Her posts teach me how to live more fully. She helps me remember what's important.
I hope you will read her thoughts on the following pages.
Day 30    Day 29     Day 28     Day 27     Day 26     Day 25     Day 24     Day 23     Day 22     Day 21     Day 20      Day 19        Day 18     Day 17     Day 16     Day 15     Day 14     Day 13     Day 12     Day 11     Day 10     Day 9     Day 8     Day 7     Day 6     Day 5     Day 4     Day 3     Day 2     Day 1
 Thank you, Shannon.

Peace Globe #10,340 ~ The Creative Cat

© Bernadette E. Kazmarski
 One of the many beautiful original drawings by this talented artist!

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Peace Globe #10,339 ~ White Dog Diary
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States of America
Original Peace Blogger
 White Dog and The White Dog Army have participated in the Blogblast for Peace every year since it began in 2006. Today we join fellow bloggers all over the globe as we ask the Universe to Grant Us Peace.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Peace Globe #10,338 ~ Sanni Jansen & Family

Luis, Lily, Frank, Sanni, Leeloo
Original Peace Bloggers

Peace Globe #10,336 & 10,337 ~ A Piece of My Mind

Author Julia Phillips Smith
Nova Scotia, Canada
She writes,
My deep and grateful thanks go out to my fellow Canadians for showing up in record numbers on voting day. With Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day coming up, Canadians have shown that standing up for your country doesn't only mean serving in the armed forces. Peacefully showing up to vote can mean all the difference.

What You Should Know

Your peace globe and post will be assigned a number and placed in the Official Gallery at By participating in BlogBlast4Peace you agree that your peace globe and links may be displayed on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, wherever peace bloggers are online, and shared across the blogosphere in the name of peace and in the spirit of promoting this work. They may also be used in printed works and publications online and elsewhere by the founder of this movement in creating published works about the Blog4Peace movement. If you do not want your peace globe shared and made accessible to others, let me know. Otherwise, please understand that this movement is all about spreading the message.
Thank you for being part of this incredible community of peace bloggers.

About Sharing and Linking: If there is a share button visible on this site then by all means share the peace! Otherwise, images and links on this website may not be copied, downloaded or redistributed offline in printed works or elsewhere online without express permission of the blog author, Mimi Lenox.

© 2006 Mimi Lenox
All rights reserved

Special Launch Event Thursday, July 12, 2012

We launched the 2012 BlogBlast4Peace season with a trip to the shore (real and virtual). I am already on the Atlantic. If you were here with us July 12 at sunset, even in spirit, then you were a part of the 2012 launch for BlogBlast4Peace. I can think of no better way to announce our November 4th campaign than a designated time for all to bring the same thoughts and vibes to the Then it won't be just me making an announcement. It will be all of us. I like it!
Facebook Event page is here. It was a great success. Thank you. Let the peace begin.

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2011 Official BlogBlast4Peace Video

Professional photographer and poet, Dawn Drover, created this year's video.

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